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Jack and Sandra Myers

Jack Myers is the manager at Pinehill Apartments. He and his wife Sandra live on the premises.

Jack is a man of many trades and can fix almost anything. He is an invaluable worker and the tenants at Pinehill are a lucky crew to have him around. He is responsible for the outside grounds, both summer and winter.

In summer he is kept busy mowing lawns, pruning shrubs, watering when necessary, maintaining fountains and weeding continually.

In winter, he keeps the walkways free of snow and ice and the pavement to the building is always cleared immediately.

There are numerous jobs within the building which take up his time as well, but it would take a long page to list them all!

As landlords, we feel very fortunate to have such a dedicated and loyal couple working with us to deliver the best services possible to our tenants.

150 Clarence Street
Lanark, Ontario
K0G 1K0

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