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Pinehill Apartments
in Lanark, Ontario

The complex at 150 Clarence Street in Lanark, known as Pinehill Apartments was constructed in 1995. Eleven two-bedroom units on two floors, range in size from approximately 800 square feet to 1100 square feet. When the owners built, they knew they didn't want to live in a box, therefore each apartment has been designed with individual characteristics.

Pinehill sits on ten acres, some of which is beautifully landscaped, while other areas have been left untouched to enjoy. Tenants at Pinehill share their home with tenants of the four-legged kind. Deer make this property their home as well as raccoons, wild turkeys, a family of otters and a beaver.

Pinehill is the ideal location for those wishing to be close to nature in a rural setting but still in town and not far from the city in order to be able to enjoy the cultural activities which Ottawa has to offer.

You are always welcome to visit Pinehill for a tour whether you are actively looking for accommodation for yourself or others. Or perhaps you would just like to see this little gem in the heart of Lanark Highlands. You are always welcome.


150 Clarence Street
Lanark, Ontario
K0G 1K0

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